Why Mosin Nagant Rifles are the Best

Mosin nagant rifles and revolvers have the richest history when it comes to guns. All the way back in world war II these bad boys were top of the line machinery. You wouldn’t head out to battle without one of these suckers! This was your best friend when it came down to living or dying, but guess what? The Mosin Nagant pulled through every time.

You could count on this rifle like you could count on the sun rising every day, there was no ifs, and buts about it, this thing was steady eddy. Especially for the time period that the mosin nagant was created, you would be hard pressed to find a better rifle on the battlefield.

Mosin Nagant

For its time period, and even now, the mosin nagant is incredibly accurate. It shoots so straight and will always shoot how you want it. Now, I am not saying that this was a comfortable shooter because it wasn’t. Actually it was a quiet comfortable gun to shoot.

But when you are fighting in an intense shootout would you rather keep your life or have a sore shoulder? That’s what I thought! I would take a sore shoulder any day of the week to keep my life. And this is the same decision that all of the soldiers in WWII chose too.

Obviously 80 years later there are going to be some guns that are made that are higher quality than the Mosin Nagant but even today it is considered one of the best shooting rifles. The accuracy on this baby is insane, I just can’t emphasize that enough!


With time comes new technology and inventions and that has actually helped out the mosin nagant in a couple ways. For one, there are endless accessories and aftermarket part upgrades for the mosin nagant that weren’t available back in the day. These new accessories make it one of the top rifles on the market.

Everything that it used to lack over 60 years ago can be upgraded now with replacement parts that will make the gun 100x better. I know, you are probably thinking how a top of the line gun can get even better but it can.

There are endless upgrades that can be done to your Mosin Nagant, many of which will improve the overall performance of your gun.

One of my favorite upgrades is a mosin nagant stock, this will greatly improve the comfort and looks of this outdated rifle. Bringing it into the 21st century in terms of looks and comfort.

Another one of my favorite aftermarket parts is a mosin nagant scope. This will add a ton of accuracy to an already accurate gun. This will make for a gun that will hardly miss!

All of those things combine to make for the best one of the best guns currently on the market, with its rich history and solid performance you can’t go wrong with this gun.

AR15 – Top of the Line Rifle

Besides the Mosin Nagant, my other favorite rifle has to be the AR15. Plain and simple this gun is awesome. There are many reasons why I like this gun so much but one of the top reasons is because there are so many different modifications that you can make to the gun which can improve almost any aspect of it.

For example you can add AR 15 barrels to your gun and you will increase your shooting range and also make your gun shoot a lot straighter.

Ar15 Barrel

Another upgrade that you can get is an AR 15 upper receiver which can really improve the looks and shooting of your rifle. One of these will really make your gun unique and separate it from all others.

Ar 15 Upper

One of the other upgrades that you can get is an ar 15 buttstock. One of these can make shooting a lot more comfortable and increases your shooting accuracy.

Ar 15 stock

Those are just a couple of the different mods that you can do to your rifle. There are countless other things tat one can do to their rifle. Even without all of these extras the AR 15 is a very good gun. It is incredibly accurate and always reliable.

If you are in the market for a new rifle then I would suggest one of these. They are really easy to shoot and handle, even if you are a beginner. It is a great gun to start with.

Our Shop Closed for Remodeling

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